Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.
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How to Bid

ArtBomb is a curated online daily art auction featuring original art work from across the regions. Every day, we deliver works - be it painting, print, photography, sculpture, drawing or mixed media - direct to your inboxes. It's a simple, convenient way to tap into the art world without ever leaving home.

The ArtBomb project ( was started in Toronto and its overwhelming success prompted expansion with offices and curators set up across Canada in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Atlantic Canada and now Asia!

Here's how it works: Every day thousands of ArtBomb subscribers receive an email featuring specially selected works. All you have to do is subscribe for free!

There's a starting bid, and bidding is open from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. At the end of the day, the highest bid wins the piece. All works are delivered from Asia to the buyer in three weeks of less. The works are sent rolled in a tube for the best possible service logistics.

Steps in Bidding

  1. Once you have fallen in love with a work of art! Click on the large red "View More images and Bid" button.

  2. If you have not registered before on ArtBomb - (**not subscribe – Register is different - register means adding your contact information and password into ArtBomb) - Click register.

  3. If you have registered - click sign in to bid!

  4. You can bid in any increment above the starting bid.

  5. You can keep an eye on the current bidding on the main page. The price will change as more bids are made. And you can bid again!

  6. At 11pm every auction winner is notified with an ArtBomb email confirmation.

  7. Your new work is then delivered to you promptly from the region the artist is from.

  8. If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact –

Last modified November, 2017.

Bidding is open every day, 6am - 6am EST.